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Those who are trying to recapture their youth by way of video games now have a place to do that – Video Game Trading Post in Levittown, New York. Store Owner Mike Burd has made a name in the retro gaming community over the past ten years, but his goal isn’t just to make money.




out: and their children

“We want to bring that nostalgic feeling back to grown ups and kids, and their children”


Burd also operates a non-for-profit charity called Helping Handhelds, which aims to get video games into the hands of children and adults that are stuck in hospitals. Burd hopes to continue to operate his store as a place for all gamers to see what games laid the groundwork to the ones that many enjoy today.


Holiday Shoppers Flock to Big Box Stores; Does it Affect Small Businesses?

Once Thanksgiving ends, Black Friday starts. It seems that this day of savings continues to start earlier and earlier, to the ire of some. However, this day is traditionally a great day for larger stores, as they can afford to discount items in order to get people in the store. Many small businesses are left out in the cold, due to the high cost of doing business all on your own.

The world of high priced electronics and video games are certainly an area that sees large amounts of discounts. Retailers such as GameStop, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart and others will slash prices of games by less than half in order to push products out and turn some sort of profit. However, independently owned video game stores can not afford to match these deals.

One such store is Gollum Gaming in Deer Park, New York. According to store owner Peter Cuccia, the average game costs about $50 to bring into the store, meaning that there is only a ten dollar markup if the game sells for $60. Consoles have a markup of about three to five dollars. If the customer pays using credit, they’re almost taking a loss on what is generally a very expensive console.

This forces stores like this to get creative in creating sales and bringing people into their stores. For Gollum Gaming, these creative methods have begun to work.

“Big box stores are able to create loss leaders on games and consoles where they’re not making much profit, if any at all,” says Gollum Gaming Store Owner Peter Cuccia. “They’re hoping that you will buy any of the other abundant items sold in their stores.”

“We have to be creative being a small store as to where we can give the customer benefit which is what we do, by cutting pre owned items in half and offering discounts on items we can get a better price on.”

The method seems to be working, as loyal customers continued to shop in the store.

“I like coming in a small store as opposed to big corporate stores where they bother you about every little thing,” said gamer George Kolk of Dix Hills, New York. “I like coming to a nice environment where people will actually help you and talk to you.”

Have the employees felt pressure with more shoppers coming in?

“Absolutely,” said David Cuccia, an employee at Gollum Gaming. “It’s been great for business.”

How NHL Fighting Correlates with Attendance

Fighting in the NHL has a rich history that goes back for years. The first ever New York born Ranger was Nick Fotiu, a well respected enforcer during the 1970’s. One of the most memorable Islander games in the past 15 years was the “brawl game” against the Pittsburgh Penguins on February 11th, 2011.

Despite all this, there are many people who want to try and eliminate the practice from the game. Recently, we saw stud NHL prospect Connor McDavid break his hand during a fight in a junior hockey league game. Many ex players have spoken out about the need to eliminate fighting, as well as defending the practice. One such player who defending fighting, surprisingly, was Islander legend Mike Bossy.

Bossy is arguably the best pure goal scorer to ever play the game of hockey. Forced into an early retirement due to back issues, Bossy spoke to the New York Post’s Larry Brooks about understanding where a kid like McDavid is coming from when they decide to fight. He said to Brooks that getting whacked by others eventually reaches a boiling point, and dropping the gloves is just part of the game.

However, the big question here is how do fans react to seeing fights in hockey? Many people will say that it has it’s place and that the game needs to police itself. They also argue that the casual fan will show up to more games to see the violence that fighting brings along. At the bottom of this article there’s a link to a few graphs that will determine- do more fans show up when there is more fighting in the sport, or is there no correlation?

Some things to consider are  team relocation, the effect of the lockout in 2004-2005, and the state of the economy. However, the numbers are interesting and do paint a picture on violence in the sport of hockey.

Kathleen Rice Wins Congressional District Four in New York

It’s Kathleen Rice’s district, we’re living in it.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice won Carolyn McCarthy’s congressional seat on Election day, garnering over 60% of votes. Rice ran as a Democrat in the election, defeating Republican candidate Bruce Blakeman by almost double the amount of votes.

Kathleen Rice joins 99 other women in gaining seats in Congress, including Republican candidate Elise Stefanik, the youngest to ever be voted into Congress at the age of 18. This number has creeped upwards for years, however this is the first time that total will creep to triple digits.

Rice’s big points of emphasis during this campaign were ensuring that college be most cost efficient for Nassau County Residents, and cracking down on texting and driving.

“We proved that positivity and ideas beat fear-mongering and dirty campaigning,” Rice said regarding her election. “We proved that focusing on those who have the least can be a path to electoral victory.”

Bruce Blakeman, Rice’s opponent in the race, called Rice after Midnight to congratulate her on a successful campaign. Blakeman is a former Nassau County legislator and the ex-husband of Nancy Shevell, who married musician Paul McCartney in 2011.

Rice has stated that she would like for her assistant to take her job as Nassau County District Attorney, but that is up to the Governor of New York State, who was also up for election.

Rice’s success is joined by Democrat Andrew Cuomo on his re-election as Governor of the State. Cuomo defeated Republican Candidate Rob Astorino also by a decently wide margin. Both will have to work with a largely Republican Congress for the foreseeable future, as Republicans now outnumber Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Adina Genn’s Visit to Hofstra University

It’s not everyday that one’s journalism class has an active journalist to speak to the class. However, in Jason Molinet’s Journalism Tool’s class, exactly that has happened: veteran Long Island Patch reporter Adina Genn came in to talk about her career and more.

Adina Genn is a veteran reporter for Patch, a hyperlocal news company that covers towns. Long Island is one of the companies’ biggest markets, and Genn is one of the bigger writers for this area. Genn is an accomplished writer who has won awards from the Press Club of Long Island and has written professionally for over 10 years.

Her main focus lies in Huntington, Port Washington and Northport, however there are about 12 towns that she covers. She spoke about how this happened, and how this can happen to any writer.

“I started out writing on one site,” said Genn. “Then it grew to two, then six, and then twelve. In this industry, your position and role can change so much even at one place.”

She also spoke about how her start should be how other writers find their start as well.

“I started out writing for free, and ended up writing for my local newspaper,” says Genn. “Eventually, people tried to develop in my area, I spoke with PR people, and my career took off from there.”

We also discussed how a lot of journalism has changed, and how Genn aggregates content more often than actually going out into the field and reporting.

“I am in a lot of community Facebook groups and believe it or not, that’s where I get a lot of information,” Genn said about aggregating. “I’ve found stories to write on Facebook groups that I ran and were published and have done well.”

Long Island Patch really gained a lot of notoriety during Hurricane Sandy for giving information on what was going on, as well as where to go for help.

“When people are truly thankful for how you do your job, it means a lot,” said Genn. “That’s what makes it worth it.”

Hofstra Students React to Ebola Virus

The Ebola virus has claimed the life of one person so far in the United States, and luckily students of the esteemed university are at very little risk of having the disease come to campus. However, they do have opinions on how Obama is handling the situation, and why we shouldn’t be all that worried about it.

Ebola is a virus that causes victims to bleed internally and externally. In addition, victims will have flu-like symptoms, including vomiting and fever. The Ebola virus is only contagious should someone come in contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is infected and showing symptoms.

A Day on the Quad

The horse has been painted by several different artists in order to give it a one of a kind feel.

The bench pictured is on the outskirts of the quad, underneath some welcoming trees.

The Cafe on the Quad is a great place to relax. Any journalism student will walk by it seemingly every day.

This lonely lamp post lights the way for travelers during the evening hours.

This building, which overlooks the quad, is protected by foliage.

Business Plan for

New York sports. Idea is that stories are written at a lower reading level so that it’s easily accessible. Niche would be New York sports and other assorted headlines, but analysis falls on a very heavy New York bias.

Name stylized as “new YOURk SPORTS”

Demographic would be sports fans of all ages. The idea is that the reading level is low and harder information is presented in an easy to understand way, such as “fancy stats” in the NHL. It also answers the “I can do that!” debate on if someone could actually write as well as someone who does it regularly.

Execute on coverage- ensure that events are covered, not necessarily from the arena but an understanding of the events that unfolded is extremely important. Also should be well versed in statistics and sports history.

types of multimedia- Blogging, podcasts of the week that was in New York sports (with opportunities for fans and listeners to interact and make the show theirs), video. Big feature is a way for fans to post video of a question they have or something they want to talk about on the site, which can be responded to by a writer either by post or video. This sort of video question we call “Comment+”. The key to this is so that viewers know that they are seen, and will constantly click back to the site in search of the response to the question they asked. They’re also more likely to share the site with friends if they are being “featured” on the site. This in turn leads to more people viewing, asking questions, and reading about stories here.

Also there is an op-ed section of the site where a registered, approved user is eligible to write a blog and answer fan videos. These answers will not be taken as the official answer but another piece of content for readers to check out. This free content (op-ed writers are unpaid) generates extra revenue, and should someone from the staff leave or the site require expansion these bloggers would be first in line to get a spot with the rest of the paid staff.

Company Staff- Made up of local writers who can commit to, at minimum, 4 blog posts per month, one video per month, and one podcast appearance per month. Payment is $1/eCPM to start until you hit a 15,000 page view threshold where it bumps to $2/eCPM. 40,000 hits=$3/eCPM. These are paid out every 3 months. You can continue to make money from past articles, however every 3 months the slate is wiped clean with your amount of hits. Mostly these are freelance writers looking to start in writing/blogging.

Sample stories

Five Islanders to Watch This Pre-Season
Why the Jets are Still Playoff Bound
Derek Jeter’s Retirement- Are the Yankees Better For It?
Knicks vs. Nets- Chase to the Post Season
Is Eli Manning a Zero or Hero?

Titles lead you to click. Not exactly Click bait but they leave you wanting to know where you’re going with the story or are controversial enough where people will “hate click” them (any click is a good click as long as people come back)

Sample Video Question- Do you think that the Jets are better off starting Vick over Smith? (This gives a football writer a chance to either a. post a video response to this, b. post a blog response that would count as one of their four posts per month, or c. link to an article previously posted that would answer the question)

Obvious competition is ESPN NY and other team centric sites, but what sets this apart is the ability for readers to really interact with the site and be a sort of content creator. The site has it’s own schedule for content however this gives readers a chance to request content and receive it from people they are interested in reading about.